The C.P. Loewen Family Foundation was founded as a private Foundation in 1973 by the late C.P. (Cornie) Loewen, the entrepreneurial founder of Loewen Windows. The Foundation’s funding priorities are a reflection of the shared interests of the Foundation’s current directors. Through its work and the organizations it funds, the Foundation seeks to reflect the values of quality, respect, patience, and hard work.

Mission Statement

Grounded in faith, we will nurture the strength and vibrancy of people, communities and the earth within which we live. 

Vision Statement

Through focused and effective strategies and leveraged partnerships we will use our wealth, knowledge, and passion to be a model for successful philanthropy.

Areas of Interest

  1. Education: To create and enhance the opportunity for accessible, quality education.
  2. Tolerance and respect: To promote harmonious diversity by fostering respectful exchange and relationship-building across cultures and faiths, and creating opportunities for divergent groups to learn about and understand each other.
  3. Faith: To support exemplary efforts of faith-based organizations to put “faith in action” in ways that positively impact the security and opportunity of individuals and communities.
  4. Environment: To support the efforts of an engaged citizenry to create accountable and responsive institutions, sound public policies, appropriate models of development that protect the diversity and integrity of selected ecosystems in Canada, and to provide education that will result in behavior beneficial to the environment.
  5. Poverty Alleviation: To address the root causes of poverty by supporting projects that remove barriers to economic mobility or that seek to transform the social and family patterns that perpetuate poverty.

The C.P. Loewen Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.